A commission will be levied on collected monies only. Commission rates vary from 10-17% dependent on debt value.

A refundable administration fee, which will be the percentage of the amount of debt to be recovered, will be charged initially. This is added to the debt as a refundable cost and is recovered back to you on full collection, covers all visits, negotiations, searches, traces and mediation between Direct Collections Ltd/ Client/Debtors, arrangement and monitoring of payments. (but not Court action or other legal work).

The exchange of documents and completion of forms can be dealt with by post, fax or by a visit from our area representative. If you would like to have a visit to discuss your debt problems in detail please let us know and this will be arranged.

Claims under £1000.

Claims with no supporting documentation.

Claims related to the adult entertainment industry.

Claims where companies / individuals have been declared bankrupt or IVA / CVA deals are in place.
NB. We will act upon personal guarantees given by directors of insolvent limited companies.